<aside> 💡 This page shows the current organizational structure of HKNGIS. For past and specialized group, please refer to the following links.


Founding Members

Corporate Members

Working Groups

Initial Subscribers, 2009

Board of Directors


Dr. Ho Pui-tak

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Philip Yu General Manager, H3C Hong Kong and Macau H3C Technologies Co., Limited

Honorary Secretary

Mr. Danny Li Co-Owner and Chief Technology Officer Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Honorary Treasurer

Ms. Cherry Fung Regional Director of Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia Fortinet Inc.


Mr. Cerman Chan Vice President - Network & Voice Services, HGC Global Communications Limited

Mr. Eric Chan Chief Public Mission Officer Hong Kong CyberPort Management Co. Limited

Mr. Carlson Chu Senior Vice-President, Technology Strategy and Development HKT Limited

Mr. YL Kam Chief Operation Officer ****Roctec Technology Ltd

Company Secretary

Ms. Katherine Kwok Assistant IT Director, Information Technology Services The University of Hong Kong

Honorary Advisors

Dr. Ng Nam

Mr. John Lee

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